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Captain's Catch Seafood - Fresh Crabs | Wilmington, DE

5828 Kirkwood Hwy.

Wilmington, DE 19808

Other Fresh Seafood

Our menu includes some more exotic or uncommon catches; but if they don't quite satisfy your taste, give us a call! We'll do our best to accommodate your special request.

A to Z, fresh from the sea

With over 30 years of experience serving customers in Delaware, we've grown to include nearly every type of seafood your heart could desire! From scallops to oysters, shrimps to crawfish, fish to crabs, we have them all, caught fresh daily just for you. We carry  a huge selection of fresh, dayboat-quality seafood, meaning that our boats go out and come back the same day with their fresh catch.

Wild caught shrimp

Lobster, crab, and shrimp are all steamed and seasoned for FREE!


X-Large, Jumbo, & Colossal shrimp can be deveined and peeled for your convenience for an extra $4.25/lb.

Call today to place your fresh seafood order. Don't see it? Ask!

We carry premium Texas Gulf wild caught pink shrimp year round. Raw or steamed. No charge for steaming.


• Medium

• Large/medium

• Large

• X-large

• Jumbo

• Colossal

Fresh  dayboat fish

Fish filleted on premises daily. Whole fish and fillet are available. Please call to see what fresh fish we have in today! We carry a wide selection of fresh fish including but not limited to:

• Sea scallops (dry)

• Tuna (ask about our sushi grade fish)

• Rockfish (striped bass)

• Wild salmon (seasonal)

• Organic salmon

• Fluke flounder

• Tau-tog

• Black drum

• Cod

• Haddock

• Catfish

• Tilapia

• Bluefish

• Seatrout

• Monk

• Halibut

• Red snapper

• Grouper

• Mahi-mahi

• Swordfish steaks

• Mako Shark steaks

• Shad (seasonal)

• Shad roe (seasonal)


In the shell


• Virginia Bay

• Chincoteague



• Stewing oysters

• Frying oysters


• Littleneck clams

• Middleneck clams

• Topneck clams

• Cherrystone clams

• Chowder clams


• We carry the highest-quality Prince Edward Island mussel


We always have live Maine lobster! We bring them in on a regular basis so you are always guaranteed a fresh lobster! Take your lobsters home live or have us steam them free of charge! We will be happy to crack the claws and tail open to make enjoying them easier for you!

Lobster tails

• We carry premium cold water lobster tails from Maine

• We provide detailed cooking instructions if needed


• Cold water lobster (all sizes)

• Maine lobster (5-16oz)

• Snow crab

• King crab

Miscellaneous items

• Stuffed clams

• Clams casino

• Retail escargot

• Octopus wheels

• New Zealand mussels

• Orange roughy fillets

• Alligator meat

• Crawfish meat  

• Smelts

• Chilean sea bass

• Sockeye fillets

If you don’t see the seafood item you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call. We are happy to take special orders and will do our best to accommodate your request.

• Crawfish meat

• Maine lobster tails

• Chilean sea bass

• Orange ruffy

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