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Captain's Catch Seafood - Fresh Crabs | Wilmington, DE

5828 Kirkwood Hwy.

Wilmington, DE 19808

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At Captain's Catch Seafood you'll get year-round availability for all our crabs! We only bring in the best blue crabs for our customers! Our crabs come from a variety of places, but mainly from our own dock in North Carolina where our crabbers pick the highest grade of crabs around!


We specialize in crab feasts!

Best crabs in Delaware!

At Captain's Catch Seafood you'll find crabs that are graded and prepared to a higher standard than any other seafood market on the East Coast. We grade not just on size, but on weight and overall appearance of each and every crab - ensuring you only get the finest possible selection - all caught fresh daily from the Atlantic!

King, snow, and soft shell crabs are also available!

Our hot and heavy crabs are steamed and seasoned with our special house blend for FREE!


Special orders are available!

Our crabs are steamed fresh daily. Call today to place your order!

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